Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Messing about on the river

I went out to Canterbury today with the kiddies.  Spring is just rearing her head.  It feels like that grey winter misery is blowing away. 

We went to Dane John gardens and played in the little maze/fort there.  We then climbed to the top of the mound to look out at the city srawling around us.  After a walk around town baby was starting to fidget in her baby carrier so I knew a feed was imminent.  So, I took the boy to a bakery to choose a cake to keep him quiet.  He insisted upon a chocolate brownie (to share of course) and then patiently sat in the pushchair till we reached our destination.  We walked through the historic Westgate towers to reach the Westgate gardens, which follow the Stour river.

We chose a little picnic spot where we could watch the ducks.  I spread my scarf on the grass to sit, while the boy decided to remain his pushchair to scoff his cake.  I realised that in my newfound relaxed mindset towards breastfeeding, I had not brought anything to cover up with (other than my scarf, which was now shielding me from the damp grass.  However, I just shrugged this fact off, latched her on and enjoyed the beautiful setting.
Soon after, a hoard of students came to disturb the peace.  I thought they were playing a raucous game of pooh sticks.  However, it transpired that they had lost their frisbee in the water and were chasing it along the river trying to reclaim it. I smothered a laugh watching them try and throw sticks at it. I didn't bother to cover up as they lolloped past.  Some ducks swam past and splashed about as they dived for little food.  Not long after, a man sat at a bench on the other side of the river.  Again I didn't bother with modesty - all he could see was the back of baby's head.  I sat chatting away with the boy and then I looked up to see that the man had moved two benches along.  Was this because of my breastfeeding?  If he didn't feel comfortable then fair enough I suppose, what he did wasn't unkind and didn't hurt my feelings.  Although, I suppose a newer mum may have felt a dip in her confidence.

Maybe the scenery at that particular spot not beautiful enough for him.  Some may argue that we improved the scenery.  Oh...no, not because of the breastfeeding thing, just because we're really really gorgeous :D

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