Wednesday 11 December 2013

Local ladies doing lovely things

BBC Radio Kent ran a great programme yesterday at 10am.  Three local mums and their babies from Gravesham Breast Buddies were interviewed concerning breastfeeding in public.  These mummys have produced a breastfeeding calendar to help fly the flag for public breastfeeding.  Kudos to them for going very public indeed!  This is (in my humble opinion) a great way of showing the many ways that breastfeeding in public takes place (I particularly like the picture of the nursing bride).  The discussion was well handled by Radio Kent and didn't resort to the usual antagonising slanging match of breast vs formula.  They stuck to the point and I felt all parties handled the issue gracefully and intelligently.  The particular highlight was the heavy breathing of the babies into the microphones though :D.

Tomorrow I shall be baking cupcakes to take to 'Boobles Bazaar' in Deal on Saturday (one of the places where the calendars are being sold).  I am strongly considering making them look like mini boobs.  The event is going to be amazing as can be seen below (although my cupcakes are not listed despite their promise of awesomeness....)
Oh and get this, the Deal Mayor and local MP Charlie Elphicke will be there....that's how cool it is.  Aside from being a fundraiser, and a generally festive fiesta, Boobles Bazaar is also going to be the forum to launch Deal Breastfeeding Support Groups 'Breastfeeding Welcome' scheme.  Local businesses can sign up to this scheme and they then display a 'Breastfeeding Welcome' sticker to show their support.  Of course they don't get away that easily...their staff need to be made aware of the law (as found in the Equality Act 2010) and they adopt a breastfeeding policy to ensure that breastfeeding mothers are treated appropriately and in line with the law of the land.

Candice Roberts, main organiser of DBSG has recently signed up the first few premises, "I felt physically sick", she told me at the group recently, "I didn't know what to expect from the meeting.  But it was so positive!".  Grinning ear to ear she told me about the questions she had been asked and the dialogue that was being started by this initiative.  As usual, Candice is overflowing with enthusiasm about the groups ventures and I doubt not that the number of premises signed up will multiply post-launch.

I hope that when I walk down Deal High Street in a year's time I see a sea of purple stickers.  They will be unobtrusive but if you know what to look for, or if you have a hungry baby, you will see the sticker and know that as a breastfeeding mother you will be welcome.