Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Breast friends

At the weekend one of my best friends came over for a catch up.  She is the writer of fab literary blog 'Victoria Friedman's Wardrobe of Words'.  When baby needed feeding I, stupidly, apologised for getting my boobs out.  She laughed and said I was ridiculous.  She had a point.  As she said, she has probably seen my breasts a hundred times.  Not because we flash each other a lot for fun, but because we went to school together. OK, that sounds weird too, I didn't go to some kind of crazy topless school.  We used to have to get changed and shower communally for PE. For a start, school changing rooms always seemed to be the most dingy depressing places in the world.  But also, I hated this nude experience so much that I claimed every week to have a period to get out of it.  The teacher never seemed to notice that my period had been going on for about 6 months.  When this was questioned I then claimed to have a verruca for a while.  If the teacher wasn't in the changing rooms to check on us then none of us would have a shower.  To fool her we would wet our feet and shoulders in the shower room and then run around to leave wet footprints everywhere.  What disgusting, sweaty beasts we were.  Although I can't remember clearly, I am betting that the fragrant Miss Friedman always showered.

Seems then that I was always a bit uncomfortable with nudity.  Stupid really.  We're all the same after all. Is it any wonder we have issues with breastfeeding in front of others when we took such great steps to avoid flashing our friends in our adolescence.

 Anyway, I guess my new found liberation has been noted by my husband.  When he entered the room he just muttered 'Oh, she's already got her boobs out has she, she does that now that she has a blog.'  :D


  1. Haha! Thanks for the shout out, Emma! Actually I *never* showered - I had a wash in the sink. I remember running past the door in my towel, hoping no one would see.

    Set those boobs free!