Saturday, 2 March 2013

Can you breastfeed in church?

I previously blogged about my experience of breastfeeding at church.  If you didn't read it, I lost the nerve to feed in the pews as I was unsure of the response. 

This morning the family went to a Saturday children's service.  I was very impressed when another mum confidently fed her 3 month old boy under a muslin.  This got me thinking again.

The vicar was having a discussion with me about making the church child friendly and mentioned providing bean bags to breastfeed on.  So, with her having raised the issue herself I asked her what she thought about breastfeeding in church.  She said 'Well, I think some in the congregation may be uncomfortable, but there are those that do it.  Usually it's very discreet and only I notice.  I am quite happy with it personally."

So there you go, thats the official word.  Well, in my parish anyway.

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