Friday, 29 November 2013

O Christmas tree.....

So when I was asked recently to make 7 miniature boobs out of old tights I have to say I was a little perplexed.  When I was told they were to decorate a Christmas tree I was further surprised.  You see, Deal Breastfeeding Support Group were taking part in Trinity Church's Festival of Christmas trees.  The thought did cross my mind that not everybody is as 'boob desensitised' as me.  You only need to read the comments section in any news story about breastfeeding to see that certain individuals are fairly prudish when it comes to the exposed female breast (well at least when linked to breastfeeding anyway).  Still I did as I was told and I shouldn't have doubted the group for a second.

I went to see the festival today.  The trees were awesome.  Particular highlights were the 'gravitree'.....

and the 'infinitree' (a tree between 2 mirrors, producing a very cool effect that captured the boy for a good long while).  It was also nice to write a little note on the 'memory tree'. 

The boy kept calling me to see this or that and proclaimed that it had 'made him feel christmasy'.  It's certainly well worth a visit, for just £2 entry per adult.  It's running till Sunday 1st December (10am till 5pm).

I lingered over the tree by DBSG, the 'Breastfeeding fact-tree'.  Partially because I was earwigging  to see what people were saying about it, but I didn't hear anything interesting enough to write about.

The most wonderful thing about their tree was that it was totally age appropriate.  Skirting the bottom there were pictures of mammals feeding their young and baubles containing pictures of babies from the group (with a certain little madam I recognise only too well... :) ). 


As you moved further up the tree you found the facts and bits of information about the group.  At the very top, to help with a little bit of normalisation, were my creations (which I had ended up having to sew onto Christmas ribbon, much to hubby's amusement) and some slightly more risqué photographs of nursing and images from paintings. 

As usual, DBSG have seized an opportunity and produced something wonderful and, I feel, classy.  People can learn a few interesting facts, pique their interest, and become that little bit more comfortable with breastfeeding.

This normalisation in the community is just so important.  Deal is a pretty safe place to breastfeed in public, DBSG has a high profile and a good reputation which helps.  But as ever, there is a long way to go.  Mum's need to get good support from all parties, good advice from well informed medical professionals and feel comfortable within their own communities.  Watch this space......

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