Thursday, 14 March 2013

Local woman told to stop breastfeeding

Writing this blog has made me question whether there really is an issue with breastfeeding in public.  I have rarely had any negative reactions and, if anything, responses are positive.  Is the concern about public breastfeeding largely paranoia?

Well, while I maintain that negative reactions are rare, an incident that occurred near to where I live highlighted that they are not unheard of.

I am quite shocked by how over the top this person's reaction is.  Not just a glance, a tut or a mutter (very British responses :D), but to be so forward?  It suggests that the person found the breastfeeding truly disgusting and rude. 

I am glad that the woman involved was a commited and secure breastfeeder.  Had this happened to somebody new to the 'art' then this incident could have caused untold issues.  Good for the staff and shoppers at Tescos to be so supportive too.

It seems then that the issue at the heart of this blog still needs to be tackled.  Girls, please breastfeed anywhere and everywhere that you want to.  Nobody has the right (legally or morally) to attack you.  When you breastfeed in public you not only nourish your baby, but you also add to the normalisation of breastfeeding and the eradication of this ill-informed outdated behaviour towards breastfeeding women. If you come across people like this maybe you should invite them to a 'Big Latch On' to up their exposure and shock them out of their disgust.  Breastfeeding is beautiful and normal and has to happen in public.

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