Friday, 1 March 2013

8 week jabs

Baby had her 8 week jabs this week.  When the nurse asked whether I was breastfeeding she then commented 'I don't know why I have to ask this' as she ticked the box.  I said that I figured it went towards the Infant Feeding Survey, although I really don't know.  I wonder if any of you out there know.  Is it just for information?   I did feel a bit strage about her comment, I wasn't sure whether to feel it was good that she didn't see the point (as breastfeeding should be normal) or if it seemed ignorant.

After the jabs I sat in the waiting room to see if there were any side effects.  I had dashed out of the house as we were running late as usual so I had nothing with me.  So, I breastfed uncovered in a room with two old men and an old lady.  Nobody cared and it was wonderful.  I am fast coming to the conclusion that, for me at least, public breastfeeding is widely accepted.  I know it's not the case for everybody, but ladies, please have the boldness to try.

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