Saturday, 10 August 2013

Things my son has taught me

Yesterday was my son's 3rd birthday.  It is quite unbelievable that he is so grown up, a proper little person.  Before he was born I dreamt of the things I would teach him - good manners, how to read and write, how to play musical instruments, how to be kind, how to swim and SCUBA dive..... the list goes on.  Little did I realise that he would teach me far more than I would ever teach him.  Here is a list of the things I have been taught
  • babies do not do as they are told
  • babies do not do as the books tell them
  • babies do as they damn well please
  • breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks
  • looking after a baby is not as easy as it looks
  • you do not know what tired means until you have a baby
  • you do not know what busy means till you have a baby (and this comes from somebody who worked full time, trained at karate, was in a band and did a part time MA all at the same time)
  • you do not know what love is until you have a baby
  • I have more patience than I ever thought
  • I need my friends and family more than I ever thought
  • Some of my friends were not really my friends
  • toddlers are cleverer than you think
  • just when you think everything has settled down, it all changes
  • I can think on my feet faster than I ever thought
  • I can apologise to a toddler when I have not behaved well
  • I can find the strength within me to protect my children where I wouldn't find it to protect myself.
  • I am better at multitasking than I thought possible
  • Take any chance to sleep
  • Without sleep I am a bad mother (see previous point)
  • Without food I am a bad mother
  • I do not need clean clothes or a shower (although it would be nice)
  • A bit of wee/poo/sick is not the end of the world
  • Always anticipate a bodily fluid incident (particularly when changing boy's nappies)
  • You forget the bad stuff and you miss the good stuff
Dear son,

Sometimes I'm not a very good student, but I have tried my best for 3 years and I will go on trying.  I love you more than anything little man.

Mummy x

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