Sunday, 12 May 2013

Breastfeeding multi-tasking

I was in the middle of a sing-song when baby woke up.  For the second time in an hour.  So, I decided to attempt the seemingly impossible.  Turns out I can totally breastfeed and play the guitar at the same time, except that baby kept nosing at what I was doing and fiddling with the fret board. 

So, here is my list of other things that you can do while breastfeeding, since it does take up a lot of time.

1.  Walk - this can be done carrying baby in one arm, or with baby in a sling for two-handed-ness. Although, I do have issues with my long-bodied baby these days.
2. Eat - until baby is on solids all foods must be edible with one hand.  Also baby may need a covering to protect them against fall-out.
3.  Sleep - very, very important to get the opportunity when chilling and breastfeeding.  The dozy breastfeeding hormones help too.
4. Surf the net - how do you think I write my blog?
5. handicrafts - this becomes more of an issue when baby is bigger and tries to steal whatever you are doing.
6.  Dry hair/do makeup - since two hands are generally needed for this it requires the leg up method of feeding, where baby rests on your thigh.  Cross-legged works well too.
7.  Housework (as long as it's one handed, sweeping is hard to do)
8.  One handed gardening - yep, my neighbours have probably seen my boobs.
9. Deal with tantrum-ing toddler - I can easily handle a breastfeeding baby in one arm and a screaming toddler in the other.
10.Cook (as long as there's no chance of spitting)
11.Get my hair cut - as long as baby isn't covered with plastic its all good.
12.  Dog handling - A few weeks ago, my mum arrived at the door and I went to greet her. I was breastfeeding baby in one arm and holding the overexcited dog back with the other. Mum laughed and said 'now that's multi-tasking.'
13. Dish up food - this requires the use of your 'tyrannasaurus arm' (the one under the baby) to hold the dish while you serve with your free arm.

Or, you can just gaze at your baby.  Whatever. :D  Breastfeeding doesn't need to hold you back.

What breastfeeding multitasking have you accomplished?

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