Thursday, 4 April 2013

Free sandwiches?

Hubby has recently been befriending the vending machine lady at work in the hope for free, soon to be out-of-date, sandwiches.  He claims that he is just being nice, but I am not convinced.  They got chatting about the ridiculous weather we have been having.  I mean seriously, snow in April?  It is just not on.  Anyway, he told the lady that I had been suffering from the cold and wanted to get to sunnier climes for a break from the icy wind.  But, he said that we were put off because of the kids.  She agreed and said that it was a real pain having to take the steriliser and all the bottles.  Hubby said that he just replied that it wasn't a problem as I breastfed.  Apparently she looked shocked but didn't say anything.

Hubby was pleased on two counts.  One, he might get free sandwiches one day.  Secondly, he is proud of me breastfeeding.

I wonder why the lady was shocked.  In this day and age I don't think breastfeeding is such a rarity.  It surprises me that somebody else would be stunned by this revelation.  Maybe it isn't as normal as I have come to think - perhaps I am just blinkered because it is normal for me.  Perhaps it was our separation in generation.  With her being in her forties (compared to me still just about on the right side of thirty) her experience may have been different.  Who can say?  But it goes to show that there is still some work to do for breastfeeding to be 'normal'. Also, more work seems to be needed for hubby to get his free sandwiches.

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